Advice & Tips

Get that interview in the bag.

The important part of any new job is arguably the first impression. Here we list 5 top tips you can use to help you in securing that job. With a good level of confidence, implementation of some of these tips, and an attitude for success, you should be able to bag that job!

1) Arrive Early.

You’ve got past the first stage and now you’ve been given a time for your interview. A lot of people choose to turn up on time which is great. However, you’ll be best placed to turn up a little earlier for your interview. This shows the employer that you take your time management seriously, and are motivated for the role. Some employers may request you DON’T arrive early, in this case just follow the time you’ve been given.

2) Don't hold back, sell yourself!

It’s important to be confident, and that goes for selling yourself too. An employer wants to know why YOU are the person for the role, and want to know why you should be given the opportunity. You need to remind the employer how seriously you take the role, and how motivated you are too. You’ll want to talk about your abilities, strongest points and that you like a challenge. It is your opportunity to really talk about you, and your strengths that will help within that role.

3) Dress accordingly.

You’ll need to make sure you are presentable, and show the employer you take care in your own personal hygiene, how you display and hold yourself. Some roles may require you to dress in a shirt, smart trousers and smart shoes such as office roles. but there may be some employers that are happy for you to dress smart casual and just be presentable for the role. Take a look at the business you’re applying for and what kind of sector they are in, this should give you an indication on what may be best to wear.

4) Learn about the company.

The employer doesn’t expect you to know everything about the role you’re applying for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want you to understand the sector you’re applying to work in. Employers are often impressed when you know a little about the company, and it shows to them that you’ve done your researched for the position, and in turn, are motivated for the potential opportunity. Employers may even ask you what you know about the company, and being the candidate who can answer that could play at your advantage.

5) Make a follow-up.

A follow up shows the employer that you are interested in the role, and that you are not just applying to places for the sake of applying. You can usually follow up after an interview or a few days after you’ve submitted your application. It’s a good idea to give the employer a call to ask about the application once you’ve submitted it, you can ask whether they have received your application okay. This is a good opportunity for the employer to hear your voice, and get to know you a little more than they may have with some candidates.

Following up after an interview is slightly different, but you can ask what sort of time you can expect a response or feedback for the interview if you’re shortlisted. This again just gives you a chance to speak to someone again and have them familiarise themselves with your name.